Dogs are an integral part of a shoot day, often making the day for gun and team alike. As such, all dogs are welcome at your own discretion. We’d suggest that only the most steady of dogs would join you on the walked-up days, and for mini driven days the less-than-perfect may need to be restrained on peg. Ultimately, only you know your dog well enough to make that decision. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to leave your dog, or tie it up during a particular part of the day – even the most well trained and rock steady dogs can get things wrong, and at times, extreme care is needed to present the game as best as possible.


It is each gun’s responsibility to comply with the law. We insist that appropriate non-toxic loads be used for wildfowl.


Insurance is required to shoot on any of our days and if you are not a shotgun certificate holder we will ask that you hire a mentor who is qualified and insured, either from us, or of your own choosing.

Contact & Bookings

Please get in touch for availability. We are often booked up a long way in advance, but we will always try very hard to find a day for you if we can fit one in. We do have the occasional single or pair of guns available on days that are already mostly sold.

Please use the contact form or email with your enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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