Where we shoot

Cricket St Thomas, near Chard, South Somerset

This is the shoot where all our mini driven days take place. Run by James and Joe, who also rear all the game on-site from their own breeding stock, this shoot is nestled in the hills and valleys of south Somerset and an idyllic place to spend the day. There is a larger, fully driven shoot on the estate, and we operate both on the estate itself and on some surrounding farms. These days are great fun and have a fantastic reputation, with quarry including mallard, pheasant, partridge and snipe.

Each shoot day starts with a light breakfast snack, tea, coffee and a briefing from the keeping team. All guns are asked to arrive by 9am for a 9.30 start. Shooting commences and we’re all driven around the shoot on the shoot bus, so there’s no need to use your own vehicles. We take a break for elevenses whilst are out in the field, and after shooting, a three-course meal will be served back at the shoot lodge.

Cricket St Thomas (mini driven days) now £3,500 for the day – no single gun spaces available 

Upton Pynes, near Exeter, Devon

This is where we host our ever popular walked up days with Head keeper Paul who is a friendly and honest chap, and this chance to shoot on Lord Iddisleigh’s ancient estate is not to be sniffed at. A short drive from the regional capital of Exeter, you won’t believe how quickly you find yourself in the wilderness. Quarry includes mallard, pheasant, partridge, snipe and goose.

If fully hosted then each shoot day starts with a light breakfast snack, tea and coffee, followed by a briefing from the keeping team. We will then set off (own vehicles recommended, but we can of course organise transport in advance if need be) and at an appropriate time we make a stop for elevenses. Shooting then continues until we’re finished, when a three-course lunch will be served back at the shoot lodge by your shoot host for the day.

If you opt for a DIY day you will meet at the same place at the same time, and tea and coffee will be available at the shoot hut but you must bring your own food and drinks for the rest of the day. No representative of Tim Maddams Fieldsports will be on site on these days and teams will lease directly with Paul the keeper on the days.

New Shoot! Innes Estate, Elgin, Moray

New this season is the inclusion of a couple of sets of special trips up to Scotland, all hosted by Tim, with accommodation, food and shooting all included.

These trips work out at £1800.00 per shooting guest and £500.00 for a non shooting guest accompanying a shooting guest and feature a walked up rough day on day one followed by a more formal driven day on day two and are exceptional value, the estate is just 50 mins drive from Inverness airport.

Please do get in touch for more details.

Bag Sizes

Shooting has developed a terrible habit of being sold on a “price per bird” basis, with the cost being higher for “better” shooting. Here at Tim Maddams Field Sports we feel that although value must be a watch word, selling days with an upper bag limit or minimum is not what we want to be about. So, we sell our shoot days at a price per gun or a price per day and we offer some advice on how many birds are likely to be shot, depending on the number of guns booked on the day and the ability of the team to shoot straight. A great day out in the field is so much more than just about how many birds get shot – and if you disagree then Tim Maddams Fieldsports is probably not quite the right place for you, we value good spirit, positive attitude, understanding of the privilege of shooting, good food and great times.

That said, as a useful guide,  shooting a mini driven day at Cricket would be looking at a bag of around 75 – 80 head of game for a competent team. A walked-up team of five guns will be looking at 30 – 35 head of game. It’s worth noting that we sometimes shoot more than these numbers, and they are suggested only to give you an idea. For us, it’s all about the day out, the camaraderie and sportsman (and woman!)ship, the great food and the banter… not simply the number of birds killed and likewise, on some days bags can be smaller, for a whole host of reasons.

Bespoke enquiries

Tim Maddams field sports can offer special one off and “off the beaten track” experiences for those interested in the life less ordinary – please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and see what can be organised for you, from Scotland to South West England, we have lots to offer that is never on the open market, due to our contacts and experience in Fieldsports, so if you want to fish for wild brownies on a secluded loch in Scotland, or try for a few Rabbits on the Fells of the North Country please get in touch and we will do our best to make it happen, with friendliness and great food.


Mini driven days are charged at £3,500.00 per day.

Walked-up days are charged at £270.00 per gun, per day for DIY and £320.00 for fully hosted days.

Non-shooting guests on any hosted day are charged for hospitality at £65.00 per person, per day.

Deposits for shoot days are issued from April onwards and settlement for your day or part-day are post dated on the same invoice.  Invoices are sent via email and payment is via BACS only.

Tim Maddams Field Sports is not a VAT registered company, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Contact & Bookings

Please get in touch for availability. We are often booked up a long way in advance, but we will always try very hard to find a day for you if we can fit one in. We do have the occasional single or pair of guns available on days that are already mostly sold.

Please use the contact form or email hello@timmaddamsfieldsports.com with your enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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