Ethical Shoot Days in Devon & Somerset

Tim Maddams Field Sports provides ethical, small-bag, fun, foodie shoot days and the odd fishing trip. The ethics behind traditional, driven, large-bag shooting days have in recent years become something of a bone of contention within the rural community, and here at Tim Maddams Field Sports we promote a return to the original values of shooting. These days are about so much more than just pulling the trigger. They are about friends, family, food and laughter… though, of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t take what we do seriously. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Aims & Ethos

Our aim is simple. We want to provide first class, hosted shoot days, but stay true to the ethics of eating what we shoot, respecting our environment and good, old-fashioned decency. Our hospitality is generous, locally-sourced and full of the fruits of our labour. The hosting and keeping team are friendly, communicative and helpful. We can provide mentors for young or novice guns if need be, and obviously, safety and great shooting are a priority at all times. Our days flow seamlessly from start to finish, and people depart from the shoot feeling happy and keen to return.

We serve game for lunch at all of our shoot days. Guns and guests alike are encouraged to take as much shot game home with them as they would like, and we freely offer tips and advice on how best to prepare your bounty. We also support the Country Food Trust, who feed thousands of people in need every year with money raised and game shot within the field sports community here in the UK. All our game is processed and used for food.

Contact & Bookings

Please get in touch for availability. We are often booked up a long way in advance, but we will always try very hard to find a day for you if we can fit one in. We do have the occasional single or pair of guns available on days that are already mostly sold.

Please use the contact form or email with your enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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